Today is truly a wonderful day. Not only did we recently wrestle control of our great province from the grasps of the evil and wicked Notley storm-troopers, eager to destroy and desecrate our great province and any chance we had for prosperity and wealth, but today we officially launch the website for yet another province and life saving endeavor: The Alberta Energy Centre.

For far too long, this province has been fed so called “Facts” but today we stand up to those facts and ask you to ask yourself this question: Do you care about these so called “Facts” more than your wealth, wisdom and health? We didn’t think so. Ever since Pierre Trudeau and Rachel Notley changed oil prices in effort to destroy our way of lives, we have struggled under the boot of the pipeline stealing Quebecors and the Liberal menace. But no more, fellow Albertan UCP Voting people of Alberta!

From this day forward we cast aside “Facts” “Knowledge” and Science. For Alberta and Albertans Everywhere!